Can I Send Money Through Moneygram Online

Can I Send Money Through Moneygram Online – Co-founder, Pascal has been sending money abroad for the past 20 years and now shares his expertise with his users to help them find the best way to transfer money.

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Can I Send Money Through Moneygram Online

Can I Send Money Through Moneygram Online

After Western Union, MoneyGram is the company most often associated with money transfers. So it’s only natural that we include them in our benchmark study of the user experience of sending money online.

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This post is the 6th in our series, where we have analyzed the process of transferring money with TransferWise, TransferGo, Western Union, WorldRemit and CurrencyFair. We asked a panel of new testers who had never used MoneyGram before to try to transfer from the UK to France while watching them go through UserBrain’s remote testing solution.

We publish the highlights of our analysis of new providers every week, and this summer will release the full report for you to read for free.

Most of our testers weren’t familiar with MoneyGram, but they all quickly understood that it’s all about sending money abroad.

“I got the impression from the home page, from the easy structure, that this is a website that helps me transfer money. It’s fast, accessible from several locations, cheap with low fees…”

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Although it is possible to send money online with MoneyGram from several countries, the majority of MoneyGram customers still go to an agent location to pay for international transfers in cash.

On their website, MoneyGram advertises their online services alongside their network of agent locations, which makes it a bit more complicated for our users to understand exactly what services are offered and how they can use MoneyGram.

After browsing the main page, it is not clear to most of our users what steps to take. Indeed, there are many ways that the user can use to start the transfer: by clicking on the “Send Money” or “Treasury Fees” links in the navigation menu, the “Start Sending Money” button in the middle of the page, or the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner .

Can I Send Money Through Moneygram Online

While it’s true that MoneyGram’s website looks modern and offers an attractive design, our panel of testers found some obstacles and some annoying errors during the money transfer process.

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Our users are asked to use fake information to log in and some of them use very common email addresses that have been taken, leading to an error page with no explanation other than “We found an error.” This error probably wouldn’t happen outside of a “test” scenario, but it’s a symptom of the type of problem that users encounter later.

Indeed, many of our users face an equally confusing error message after entering all the information and clicking the “Finish Setup” button: a black overlay, a small pop-up showing “Bad Request” with no further information about what went wrong.

“They didn’t tell me why it was a bad request…I’m not sure what I did…

“I don’t understand why there’s no message saying what’s wrong, and it’s just this bad request error. Honestly, I don’t understand why…”

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Users are really confused because there is no way to find out what is wrong. One of our testers spent over 9 minutes trying to change the information he entered to try and validate the registration form!

It turns out that in many cases it’s a problem with the address field, but many of our users focus on another confusing part of the form where they think the error might be. Underneath the phone number field, users are asked to select three checkboxes to decide if they want to receive SMS notifications, but there’s a confusing message above saying that text notifications aren’t available – so that’s why we’re showing that option, our users. wonder?

For testers who managed to achieve this, the account dashboard was also confusing, with no clear next steps. The first thing they see is a blank list of “transactions in progress” and an equally blank summary of their activity for the past 30 days.

Can I Send Money Through Moneygram Online

At this point, many of our testers clicked on the “Send Money” or “Calculate Fees” links in the navigation instead of the “Send someone new” button at the bottom of the screen which is a faster option to get started.

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“Now that I’m logged in, I think I’ll have to go back…it’s good to remember what I entered the destination country and the amount”

All these obstacles combined with the fact that the progress bar at the top of the screen doesn’t seem to move more than 25% of the way, registering with MoneyGram is a long and complicated process.

“I know that the error has nothing to do with the security of this site, but it still affects my perception … it has removed some of my trust in this site to handle my money.”

The costs and the amount received are clear, but many users do not know what they lose in the exchange rate.

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Unless you use the “cost estimate” form from the navigation menu, you will not know how much your transfer will cost until after you join MoneyGram, because the home page does not include a transfer calculator.

After selecting the country of receipt, payment and delivery options, as well as the transfer amount, the user can clearly see the fees to be paid, and the amount received in local currency. No indication is made of the margin taken at the mid-market exchange rate, which usually accounts for more than half of the transfer cost.

MoneyGram’s clear value proposition is the location of its network of agents (the second largest in the world after Western Union), but when it comes to sending money online to bank accounts in other countries, MoneyGram’s services have shortcomings.

Can I Send Money Through Moneygram Online

“There was a problem with the login taking too long, overall experience would be 5/10”

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“This site is mostly easy to use, I give it 7/10 or 8/10, the colors are nice, the flow is pretty intuitive, but I also have two bugs that mean I can’t continue.”

Some users were more forgiving than others of the small quirks they encountered when rating MoneyGram at the end of the test:

“I would say, 10/10, because it’s very easy to understand everything, so I have no doubt except the registration, but I think it’s my fault.”

“It’s very easy, as easy as sending money with PayPal as far as I can see…”

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Get a breakdown of the user experience of MoneyGram and 9 other online money transfer companies in our full report, which will be published in the coming weeks:

We would like to thank Userbrain for providing a panel of testers for this analysis of the UK MoneyGram website. If you want to start testing your website and get constant feedback, try UserBrain!

You are probably all too familiar with the often embarrassing costs of sending money abroad. After facing this frustration themselves in 2013, co-founders François, Laurent and Pascal launched a real-time comparison engine to compare the best money transfer services around the world.

Can I Send Money Through Moneygram Online

Today, our award-winning comparisons, reviews and guides are trusted by around 8 million people every year and our recommendations are backed by millions of price data points and dozens of expert tests – all allowing you to make the smartest decisions with confidence. MoneyGram helps people send money, receive money and pay bills through a large network of more than 350,000 agents in more than 200 countries.

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Founded in 1940, the company has become one of the most trusted, reliable and secure ways to transfer funds. MoneyGram is the second largest international money transfer company, after Western Union.

MoneyGram online transfers and mobile money transactions increased by 81% in April this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This shows that their digital money transfer channel is providing the quality services that their customers need. MoneyGram has invested heavily in the past few years to build a better digital experience for its customers.

MoneyGram offers several options for sending money to 200 countries around the world. Below is a list of products and services offered by MoneyGram:

With many options for sending and receiving money, MoneyGram allows you to choose the services and products that best suit your convenience through MoneyGram MyWay.

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If you have a problem that needs resolution or suspect fraud, contact MoneyGram Customer Service immediately. MoneyGram customer service can be reached at their contact number 1-800-926-9400, email at [email protected] and tweet at @MoneyGram.

MoneyGram transfers money quickly, reliably and conveniently. Their services are available worldwide. Send money online through the MoneyGram website or app, or by paying with

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