Can I Lose Weight By Walking 15000 Steps A Day

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You’ve heard that walking is a way to burn calories and lose weight. But if you’re doing it every day and your body isn’t changing, you might be making one of these common mistakes. We asked the experts to weigh in, and here’s what they want you to know about walking for weight loss.

Can I Lose Weight By Walking 15000 Steps A Day

Can I Lose Weight By Walking 15000 Steps A Day

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As a teenager I was very sporty; I play rugby three times a week and other sports on weekends. I am very short but not fat. And like many teenagers, I didn’t really pay attention to what I ate; I had no idea about nutrition or understanding what was healthy. I am clueless in this department. I love food, all cuisines from all over the world and I will try anything. I’m also very social, which means alcohol. I went abroad for college and went from playing sports five or six times a week to drinking and being inactive, which led to weight gain.

I ran in college to what I now know was a dangerous level. This was probably due to eating and drinking too much socializing as a way to meet people while I was away from home. I am the president of my student association which is mainly about organizing social activities. When I got home from college, I had some weight loss success; I started eating better and going to the gym regularly. However, I am still in shape.

Can I Lose Weight By Walking 15000 Steps A Day

In my early to mid-twenties, my attempts to control my weight were hampered by a demanding job that involved working long hours and being away from home regularly. Things got steadily worse when I started my own business, with more stress and late nights at work. This is often followed by a three-day weekend of lots of restaurant meals and booze, ending with a dinner party and a glass or two of wine over the course of the week. I continued to gain weight gradually.

I Lost 50 Pounds Lifting Weights And Walking 15,000 Steps A Day

In 2016 my partner and I had our first child and the second one came very quickly in 2017. This added to the difficulty of maintaining a routine. As a result, I was 211 pounds in 2019 and probably close to 40% body fat. It made me feel unhealthy, unthinking and self-conscious. I have always dreamed of being a very active father and my current appearance will never achieve that.

Contributing to my overall weight gain was a combination of poor yo-yo dieting and infrequent exercise. I remember I would always try to lose weight before the summer, go too late. I wanted to lose 20 pounds, lost about 13 and I was probably halfway through my vacation.

I found Ultimate Performance through social media. Their message is one of “new life.” It’s not about short-term weight loss, it’s about real change. I had my first consultation shortly before my summer vacation in August 2019. The thought process here was that I wanted to go on vacation after a few weeks of training and have a specific nutrition plan to follow while I’m away. My goal isn’t to lose weight while I’m away, it’s really to try and maintain my current weight. So try to enjoy it but don’t make the work harder.

The first consultation with Rom was brutal: an “unfiltered” look in the mirror. The work ahead is enormous. I felt like canceling my vacation. But Rom was never negative, he reminded me that I took the first big step by showing up. His words in that consultation are etched on me and I remember them well: “What is the fastest way from A to B? A straight line.” I had no idea that this small and obvious phrase was the key to success.

How Walking Can Help You With Weight Loss

I was put on a strict calorie deficit diet and closely monitored my daily macros: I had target protein and carb/fat targets. I was also told to be more active, mainly by making sure I took at least 15,000 steps a day. Rom is great at giving recipe tips. I’ve always been an avid cook, so food prep was fine and I quickly found ways to make meals more interesting.

Heavy lifting three times a week, then 15,000 steps a day and another cardio workout or two. Exercises were difficult at first, especially on the lower body and legs. The stairs to the gym are long and steep; I remember putting up with the ban for a few days. I’m used to the fatigue that comes with cardio, but weight training is a completely different kind of fatigue. The main thing is that I got used to it and learned to love it!

This new administration has been a great education for me and it has revealed what I have been doing wrong for many years. If you want to get in shape, you need to lose fat and build muscle. Running alone will not achieve it. For muscle you need protein. For many people this is obvious, but it is not for me.

Can I Lose Weight By Walking 15000 Steps A Day

After eight or nine weeks, the results start to show, but then the old habits return. I thought I had lost weight and deserved a ‘break’. I go to the pub or I won’t follow my followers. It was the same old story, I was bored with the routine.

Here’s How Many Steps A Day You Should Walk — Eat This Not That

This was the beginning of my real “change”. Anyone can diet for a few weeks. But what I need is real change. I thought I needed to change the relationship I had with food and my general lifestyle. This worried me because I knew that this change for me would not be a physical change, it would be a mental one. I had to change as a person to achieve my goals.

Rom was instrumental in helping me in this area. He pushed and pushed and never let go. I would run well, then fall and it would repeat. However, the time I was out of control became shorter and shorter. Rom changed my mindset, very slowly but surely. It got to the point where I was going out on Friday night, but I was back on it Saturday morning without question.

I started 2020 very positively with my training. Then there was a shutdown in the UK. This was a shock to me because I was still 22 pounds away from my goal. However, the UP team got creative and found a way. 80% of my progress is in diet, and lock or no lock, I can determine how I eat. The temptation was there, but the onset of closure was an eye opener to how far I had come in my transformation. I have the mental capacity to face this challenge.

My training shifted to pretend and I continued to make progress. I spent my time exercising with resistance bands, going for long walks and being as active as possible. We came out of lockdown in May 2020 and I lost 22 pounds. I reached the goal I set for myself in August 2019. I did it in 10 months, of which almost three months were closed.

Why 10,000 Steps A Day Is Not Enough To Lose Weight

I lost a total of 57 kilos and reduced my body fat from about 40% to 17%. I’m in the best shape of my life. Clothes shopping became a necessity as none of my pre-Covid clothes fit me. I found myself going from a size XL to a Small. I looked and felt amazing.

My next goal is primarily to live in “sustainability”

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