Best Electric Guitar To Learn On For Adults

Best Electric Guitar To Learn On For Adults – Your first choice isn’t always as easy as it should be. This is especially true in 2021 because of how accessible this tool has become and the plethora of options available. From cheap Strats to Dinky, there are tons of six-strings on the market.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a guide to help you start your six-line journey.

Best Electric Guitar To Learn On For Adults

Best Electric Guitar To Learn On For Adults

Here you will find those that score high on four dimensions: accessibility, simplicity, versatility and coolness. We believe that novelty should be easy to navigate, neutral or flexible to a range of styles and genres, as well as reasonable prices.

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You will notice some important terms appearing in this list and if you are in a new world they may confuse you so let’s clear them up. First, the “neck profile”: this refers to the shape and thickness of the neck. Often thinner necks are considered more accessible to beginners, especially young players. However, if you have larger hands, a very thin neck can be counterintuitively uncomfortable because there isn’t enough material to grip it. Keep this in mind during your initial search.

Second: ‘fretboard radius’. This refers to how round the fingerboard is – imagine the fingerboard continuing on both sides forming a cylinder with the specified radius. In general, a very round radius such as 7.25″ is used on vintage instruments and smoother radii than 12″ associated with modern design.

Which is better for beginners? Again, it depends on the player. A very round radius is associated with more difficult bends, but some prefer it for open chords on the lower frets. It really is a matter of preference: it can take some time to determine which radius style is right for you – luckily most beginner-friendly fretboards split the difference with an average fretboard radius between 9.5 inches and 12 inches.

In terms of other specs, if you’re looking for your first one, you probably won’t be too fussy about tonewood selection or pickup accuracy. However, there’s no point in playing games you don’t enjoy – luckily there are some inspiring tools on the market for beginners. Let’s go inside.

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The Inspired By Gibson range is Epiphone’s highly successful approach to striking a balance between authentic and affordable: the range fits comfortably at around half a grand each, but they still feature CTS manual control potentiometers, high-quality pickups and an impressive fit. finish

While it doesn’t quite show off the ES-style elegance nor impressive acoustic character, the Epiphone, inspired by Gibson ES-335, certainly looks and feels good. This is a good choice if you are looking for a beginner.

Construction: Semi-hollow body, closed-ply maple body with AAA flame veneers, maple center block, mahogany neck, 12″ Indian laurel with small block inlays, 22 medium frets, Graph Tech NuBone nut

Best Electric Guitar To Learn On For Adults

Squier’s Bullet Mustang’s low price tag already makes it great for the speculative beginner, but that’s the only affordable thing about the . It has a lightweight wooden body and a short 24-inch length – both of which make it a fantastic choice for a young player.

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In terms of electronics and hardware, you’ll find two humbuckers connected by a hard bridge. It’s a classic combo found in countless genres, so it certainly won’t limit you if you want to play metal, country, pop or jazz or rock – especially alternative rock or grunge.

The Les Paul SL doesn’t come with any of the horns, let alone whistles, that many other budget models offer. Instead, it focuses its limited resources on delivering the two most important aspects of music: sound and simplicity.

A favorite among punk rockers, the Asian-made Les Paul SL is built to hit with electric chords and streamlined lines. It comes with a fingerboard with a 14 inch radius as opposed to the more common 12 inch radius on most Les Pauls, a 1960s SlimTaper D neck profile, a lightweight poplar body and two raised ceramic single coils.

The Epiphone 700SCT pickup is overwound and has a sharp bite and growl. Meanwhile, the 650SCR’s neck offers more clarity with a rounded tone that’s still bright in the corners. Both identical coils can get a bit noisy with a distortion pedal, but if you play rock or punk it should be noisy.

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And you can’t ignore the nostalgic aesthetic of the Les Paul SL. It’s available in six gorgeous finishes – we’re partial to the breathtakingly beautiful Turquoise – and each model’s unique selection, reminiscent of those in Melody Maker, is another delight.

Cort X100 is a completely affordable shredder. Equipped with 24 frets, a contoured body, solid maple neck and two powerful humbuckers, it’s no stranger to power. The instrument’s ultra-flat, 15.75-inch-radius fingerboard also makes learning easy.

Deep body contours allow access to all 24 frets, ideal for would-be shredders. And the finish is remarkably well above the price: the smooth satin finish and open hole allow the character of the wood grain to show through a bit, giving the instrument a slightly raw feel.

Best Electric Guitar To Learn On For Adults

Gear4Music’s house brand Hartwood’s Fifty6 is fairly cheap, but comes with a surprisingly impressive feature set. There’s a solid tone-o-matic bridge for solid pickups, a humbucker for rock-straight tones, and a deep cutaway that provides easy access to all 24 frets. The neck size is also satin which means it is soft to the touch and won’t drag your hand as you move around it.

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For this unusual style, the scale length is 25.5 inches. While it’s not great for younger players or those looking for a lighter feel, if you want to learn a heavier rock – especially anything related to reduction – the longer scale keeps things sounding and feeling tight.

When it comes to European house brands – Harley Benton’s reputation for ridiculous value for money precedes them, and rightfully so. For less than £200 you can get a neck disc with a P90 in the cash position.

A single pickup may sound limited to some, but to others it’s a great way to think about playing rather than changing your tone. There’s a great argument that a P90 is all you need, and if this attitude applies to the SC-Junior, those are great points for the world of .

For starters, this electric guitar is very light – especially compared to some single-cut styles – and has a slim, comfortable neck and a relatively flat 12-inch fingerboard radius.

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The controls are similarly stripped down, with volume, master tone and a three-way toggle switch. These controls drive a pair of full-size Broad’Tron humbuckers for rich rock tones and clean punch.

With some nice ergonomic touches, versatile sounds and a simple control set, the only thing that might put off beginners is the price. It’s not expensive by any means, but if you’re looking for an investment that you won’t need to change later on, the G2210 is a fantastic option.

Construction: Solid NATO body, bolt-on NATO neck, 12-inch radius bayonet fingerboard, 22 medium frets, synthetic bone nut

Best Electric Guitar To Learn On For Adults

New for NAMM 2020, Gibson stole the show with the relaunched Epiphone Inspired by Gibson range, complete with a new open-book headset. Fans have been clamoring for a traditional head unit on the budget Epiphone and Gibson models, and now they can rejoice.

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The Epiphone Les Paul Special P-90 Pro pickups have more treble than the 50s, but the extra punch isn’t a bad thing. They also capture the effortless stability, harmonic complexity and tonal balance we hear from them.

It’s one of those things you have to force yourself to put down because it sounds great and has no discernible compromise. If you don’t like thick necks you probably won’t like this one either, but we find the playability hard to fault, and overall we’re impressed. Considering the incredible value, it’s hard to fault this beauty.

Construction: Solid mahogany body, ‘Vintage 50’ profile neck, Indian laurel fingerboard with 12″ radius, pearl dot markers, 22 medium frets, Graph Tech nut

If you don’t play metal yet, the Jackson JS22 Dinky will do its best to change that. It represents everything the brand has become famous for: metal and rock-ready performances with sharp necks and bold humbuckers.

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With a complex radius fretboard, it’s just as comfortable holding down chords as it is shredding at lightning speed as you make your way past the twelfth fret.

Expect high, distortion-friendly tones with two powerful Jackson ceramic pickups that deliver full, rich tones with long-lasting sustain. But as with many similar devices in this price range, don’t expect particularly refined tones.

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Best Electric Guitar To Learn On For Adults

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