Apps To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

Apps To Make Your Laptop Run Faster – Windows 11 offers many performance improvements over the previous generation of Windows 10. It’s smoother, faster and more efficient. However, many users, especially those who installed Windows 11 on unsupported devices, may experience performance issues, including occasional lags and freezes. While there are minor issues with the Insider preview builds, here are a few quick ways to improve performance to get Windows 11 up and running faster.

Like previous versions, Windows 11 also has a lot of options to customize your computer to work better. So, if you have installed a new Windows on your PC, follow the steps below to get the most out of it.

Apps To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

Apps To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

By the way, if you haven’t tried yet or your computer is not compatible, here’s how to install Windows 11 on unsupported PCs. 1. Turn off visual effects

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Windows automatically handles performance aspects for your PC, such as visual effects, memory usage, CPU scheduling, and more. You can configure it to focus more on manual operation using the following steps.

5. From the following options, check the boxes “Show thumbnails instead of icons” and “Smooth edges of screen fonts”.

This way, you will reduce some visual effects, but at the same time your Windows 11 PC will feel faster and faster without jitter or lag. 2. Go to the performance plan

A power plan is a combination of system and hardware settings to manage a device’s power consumption. Naturally, it will be set to Balanced mode. But if you don’t care much about battery life and want to maximize performance, you can switch to high performance mode as follows.

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3. On the next screen, search for High Performance Piano and select it. You can also choose the Driver Booster power plan for games.

Can’t find high performance? Click the Create Power Plan button in the sidebar, select High Performance, and follow the on-screen instructions to add it manually.

The more programs you install on your PC, the longer it takes to start Windows. You can stop apps from starting automatically at startup to increase startup time by following the steps below.

Apps To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

Task Manager lets you view startup programs, their impact on computer startup time, and enable or disable startup programs. Here’s how to disable startup programs using Task Manager in Windows 11:

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OR click the “Disable” button in the lower right corner to prevent it from starting when it starts. 5. Activate the sense of preservation

Windows 11 carries over the Storage Sense feature from Windows 10. It is designed to monitor your computer’s memory space and automatically free up space by deleting temporary system files, trash items, etc. as needed.

You can also run Storage Sense by clicking the Run Storage Sense Now button at the bottom. 6. Remove temporary files

Over time, your PC can become cluttered with tons of temporary files. This includes thumbnails, downloads, caches, delivery optimization files, update logs, feedback diagnostics, temporary internet files, legacy files, and more.

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You can remove these temporary files as needed to free up space on your computer. This will definitely have a positive impact on your performance, especially if you are running out of disk space.

Be careful when managing “Downloads” because it contains all downloaded files. Also, if you recently upgraded to Windows 11, you may have files from an older version on your computer. If you’re sure you won’t be coming back soon, delete them. 7. Turn off notifications

Constant notifications can make your computer crash. Fortunately, like the previous version, Windows 11 allows you to turn off notifications.

Apps To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

Turn off notifications only for apps that aren’t important to you. Otherwise, you may miss important alerts. Bottom line: Enjoy Windows 11 faster

Ways To Improve Your Computer Performance

These were useful ways to speed up the new Windows 11 and improve its performance. I hope your Windows 11 PC is now running faster and faster than before. Follow all the steps and let me know your experience. If you have anything else to add, please let us know in the comments below. Subscribe for more similar articles. You can also follow us on Google News for breaking tech news or tips and tricks, smartphone and gadget reviews, join our Telegram group or subscribe to our Youtube channel. ‘tall. It means “click here to return to the top of the page”.

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15 easy ways to speed up Windows 10 and Windows 11, from turning off special effects to managing large applications.

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People sometimes wonder how the computer inside Apollo 11, a computer with less memory than the cheaper Windows computers used today, made it to the moon.

By following NASA’s lead, you can get extra productivity out of your Windows PC. Even an old computer can benefit from removing bloated programs, cleaning the hard drive and removing viruses. But of course, the best way to speed up any Windows PC is to upgrade the hardware.

Apps To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

Here are fifteen ways to speed up Windows 10 and Windows 11, many of which you can do without leaving your desktop.

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A device that still uses a traditional hard drive: it’s installing a solid-state drive, or SSD for short.

SSD allows Windows to load several times faster and start programs in less time. And because it has no moving parts, it usually lasts longer than your average hard drive. Adding an SSD can also make a bigger difference than upgrading a computer with a faster processor.

Depending on what type of computer you have and whether it is a desktop or laptop, you can install the SSD yourself. Otherwise, a computer repair shop can do it for you.

If your computer takes a long time to turn on, there are too many applications that open at startup. All of these applications compete with each other and with important features of your computer for processing power, which can slow things down or even cause your computer to crash.

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To configure which applications should open at startup, right-click the Windows icon in the system tray and select Task Manager, then click Start at the top of the window. You’ll get a list of all the apps allowed to run with your computer and an estimate of how much power they’re using.

If you find a program that you don’t want to open at startup, right-click and select Uninstall.

Quick tip: If you open Task Manager but don’t see a startup option, first click the Details option in the lower left corner.

Apps To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

When you buy a computer from a store, online, or in person, it usually comes with a bunch of third-party apps already installed. Most of these applications are called “bloatware” – useless programs that run in the background and drain your computer’s power.

Ways To Make Windows 11 Faster And Improve Performance

If you’ve been using your computer for years, chances are you’ve installed a program or two that you won’t need in the long run.

Either way, you should take a few minutes every now and then to go through the applications on your PC and delete the ones you don’t need or need.

To do this, open the Settings app on your computer and click on Applications, then Apps and Features. You will get a list of all your apps.

In Windows 10, click the app name, and then click Uninstall. In Windows 11, click the three dots to the right of an app’s name, then click Uninstall. If the uninstall button is grayed out, it usually means that the program is installed in Windows and cannot be removed.

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Select the app you don’t need and click the “Uninstall” button. You may need to confirm your choice, William Antonelli / Insider

Multitasking is great, and most modern computers can run multiple applications at the same time without any problems. However, if you’re running multiple high-impact apps at the same time—perhaps Google Chrome, Zoom, and Adobe Photoshop—it can strain your CPU.

If you’re trying to make your PC as fast as possible, close apps when you’re not using them and don’t run too many large apps at once. This may mean you won’t be able to multitask as efficiently as you’d like, but it will help you avoid freezing and crashing.

Apps To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

Most apps close when you click the X in the top right. But some apps like Spotify and Discord remain open even when all windows are closed. In such cases, you can close them by clicking the up arrow below

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