Add An Ad Account In Business Manager

Add An Ad Account In Business Manager – Because Facebook wants people to use their personal accounts to advertise. Created Business Manager to assign multiple agents and/or agencies to each business property on Facebook. Once you’ve set up your Facebook ad account through your business manager, you can assign agents to work on your account. Here are the steps on how to set up a partner on to your Facebook ad account.

Once logged into Business Manager, click “Go to Settings” on the right side of the page.

Add An Ad Account In Business Manager

Add An Ad Account In Business Manager

Before you set up a partner, Select the ad account you want your partner to access. After selecting an account, click “Assign Partner”.

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(Optional step: You can create a new ad account if you want to keep the campaign separate from your previous campaign, especially if you work with another ad agency.)

At the bottom of the dialog box, Facebook gives you the option to recruit partners using the Company ID that your ad agency should have provided you. Click on this option.

Admin — Select this option if you don’t have a dedicated person to manage your Facebook account and want your agency to have full access to your account and fan page. This allows your agency to update your payment information and create ads such as “offers” or “videos” that must be posted on your Fan Page before the ad starts.

Advertiser — Select this option if your team has a dedicated person to help with advertising needs, such as ads that require payment information and offers or videos. If there’s a problem with your payment and your team is away or unable to respond, your ad will be paused until your team updates your payment information.

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Reviewers — Reviewers watch your campaign performance, but they can’t edit or change anything.

Partner Designation — Allow partner agencies, not employees, to access your account. Use this option to add an agent to your account.

Add person – set the person as an employee in your company (within your company manager account). Use it to help other people in your company (partners).

Add An Ad Account In Business Manager

You will receive a notification that your agent can now access your account. Your account representative should be in touch soon with new information about your ad account.

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In the first choice of step 4; We chose to set up an ad account using a company ID. In this option, I will post a link instead of using the company ID.

Click “Copy” to copy a link. You can send this link to your friends. After copying the link, click “Close”. You are here: Home / Academy / Guides / Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising / How to Get Started with Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager Accounts

The first chapter on Facebook advertising will discuss setting up your Facebook Business Manager account and Facebook Ads Manager account.

At the end of this chapter, You should have everything and you are ready to start using Facebook ads to sell your products or services.

How To Link An Ad Account To Business Manager

Business Manager is Facebook’s first major tool for managing all your Facebook Pages and ad accounts.

To open a Facebook Business Manager account; You need to sign up for a personal Facebook account.

To add a Facebook page in Business Manager; Go to the Business Manager home page; Click More Tools in the sidebar and select Business Settings.

Add An Ad Account In Business Manager

Choose the one that applies to you and follow the suggestions; You should add your Facebook page to Business Manager.

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Finally, you’ll want to create or add a Facebook Ad account that will be linked to your business account.

Start from the Business Settings screen of your business manager. Click Ad Accounts under the Accounts section of the sidebar.

Add an ad account from the drop-down menu (the account you have already opened); You can choose to request ad account access or create a new ad account.

Before setting up Business Manager, It’s important to set up roles in your Business Manager account. Users can assume one of two main roles: administrator and employee.

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There are also different roles for Facebook ad accounts that you can manage and edit in Business Manager.

It’s time to enter your payment method to create your Facebook ad campaign.

Go to the Payment Settings page by clicking Ad Account Settings and select Payment Settings from the sidebar.

Add An Ad Account In Business Manager

As you advertise more, We recommend adding a second payment method. running out of your first card; Facebook prevents you from suspending all of your campaigns if you reach your monthly limit or are blocked for any other reason.

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If you need more help, Here is a Facebook guide that explains the payment options available in countries.

If you want to change your Facebook ad payment, You can do this on the same page by clicking the three dots next to your payment option and selecting Change.

You cannot delete the original source; Therefore, before removing your primary payment method, you need to make other choices for the primary source.

Facebook billing is determined by how you choose to pay for your ads. Many payment options fall into two camps.

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Manual payments are easy to understand on the go; Because you pay daily for every day you spend on ads.

Your payment limit amount varies depending on your payment history. When you start This threshold will be very low (usually $25) and you will be paid for every $25 spent on Facebook Ads. When you keep spending and take good care of your payments. Your rating will automatically increase.

If you still have a balance at the end of the month but haven’t reached your payment limit. You will be credited with that amount to clear your balance at the beginning of the month.

Add An Ad Account In Business Manager

You can control your total ad spend by setting spending limits in your ad account. Your ads will pause when you reach the limit you set and won’t run again until that limit is increased or removed.

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Ad account spending limits are very useful when working with an agency to ensure that your consultant or agency can’t spend more than you budgeted for the duration of your campaign. Don’t set it too low; or need to be updated frequently. Remember that all your accounts will be suspended for at least 15 minutes whenever the limit is reached.

Like it or not, your Facebook Advertising account has limitations. Better to know from the start.

When you reach one of these limits; All you have to do is delete the old campaign and its ads to make room for the new ones.

Facebook ads are a great way to communicate your campaign. However, they can quickly overwhelm your inbox, so you can adjust the frequency of email notifications you receive from Facebook to suit your needs.

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Customize your notifications so that you receive the most important alerts by email, and others are Facebook notifications that appear when you log into Business Manager. That way you never miss your Facebook ads.

After you’ve been creating ads for a while, Freelancer You may want to work with someone else, such as an advertising agency or freelancer. That’s where the role comes in. to add new users and managers to your Facebook ad account; Go to the Ad Accounts tab on the Ad Account Settings page.

Click Add People and enter the name of the person you want to add and the role they will be assigned.

Add An Ad Account In Business Manager

Go to Chapter 2 to learn how to set up your first Facebook ad campaign in Facebook Ads Manager.

Create A Business Manager Account On Facebook

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Because Facebook prefers to use its own advertising accounts. Facebook has created a Business Manager to assign multiple agents and/or agencies to each business property on Facebook. Once you’ve set up your Facebook ad account through your business manager, you can assign a Facebook marketing company to work on your account. Here are the steps on how to set up a partner on to your Facebook ad account.

Once logged in to Business Manager, click “Go to Settings”.

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