5 Minute Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

5 Minute Exercise To Lose Belly Fat – I’ve noticed that my belly fat has become more and more persistent since I turned 40 – it just likes to stick to me đŸ™‚

Seriously, aging brings changes to our bodies that are hard to beat. However, with a lot of effort, it is not impossible to beat.

5 Minute Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

5 Minute Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

And if you have an elliptical machine, you’re one step closer to that goal! I’ll give you my recommendations, some extra tips and a 30 day workout plan to get rid of belly fat!

How Long Should You Exercise A Day To Lose Belly Fat?

First of all, you should know that belly fat is not only an aesthetic problem, it can also cause serious health problems. Harvard Health confirms that deep belly fat is associated with serious health problems, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

My friend Najee, a 61-year-old type 2 diabetic, testifies to this: it caused him high blood pressure problems and prevented him from exercising, which he solved by starting the program in HOLOFIT training. You can read more about his success and path to health in How I Overcame My Health Problems with HOLOFIT.

Your elliptical machine works your upper and lower body; the more muscles you work at once, the more calories you burn.

According to the Mayo Clinic, if you have joint problems or are overweight, low-impact elliptical training will allow you to work longer and harder without causing pain.

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Correct body positioning is key to getting a good workout on the elliptical. Get on the machine and put your feet on the pedals right in the middle. Make sure your foot is always flat on the pedal, avoid just your heel or toe as this can put unnecessary pressure on your knees.

Use a moving handlebar: This will increase the intensity of your workout as you push and pull them as you pedal.

The faster you pedal, the more calories you burn to burn belly fat. You can also increase resistance to the challenge. The harder your leg muscles have to work against resistance, the more calories you’ll burn, which in turn will burn fat.

5 Minute Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat takes time, but it’s far from impossible. Plan to do cardio—on the elliptical or some other form of cross-training—most days of the week for 15- to 30-minute sessions.

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And to learn more about effective weight loss using elliptical training, head over to my other article here, I promise it will be a worthy read!

One way to increase intensity is to do interval training. Unlike steady-state cardio, where you keep your heart rate roughly constant throughout, interval training changes your heart rate. It provides a great burn during and after your workout, meaning your body continues to burn calories at a higher level even after you exercise!

Interval training also helps you burn more calories in less time. I’m always pressed for time and often skip workouts because I can’t find an empty 60-minute slot in my schedule.

That’s why I created HOLOFIT, a quick and highly effective 15-minute HIIT training program. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and you can squeeze in those 15 minutes any time of day.

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Cut belly fat while I watch TV: How to find the right motivation for elliptical training

We know the biggest enemy to achieving our fitness goals: pain. The workout is just mentally and physically painful. And especially if you’re not in a good mood; the first 5 minutes of each workout are very important because you want to stop over and over again. The last 5 minutes of each workout are also very important because the seconds feel so long and the end seems never-ending.

Finding the right motivation is the key, and you can always do this by setting yourself a short-term and long-term goal. Make sure you work on your mind as much as your body, and you can always check out my tips on how to help yourself in my article on changing your mind to change your body.

5 Minute Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

Even with the right motivation and the right goals, you will still feel the pain. So you need something to distract you from that!

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Did you know that VR Fitness can help reduce pain and increase your workout time? That’s why we created HOLOFIT VR Fitness: help you find the right motivation, distract yourself from the negativity of training and focus on having fun. You can read more about this in my article How HOLOFIT VR Fitness helps with fitness motivation.

Your diet is the key to your success: you need to make some changes to help your body become a calorie-burning machine.

These changes can be big or small, depending on your current eating habits and your fat burning goals. I will give you some tips that everyone should follow to lose belly fat, no matter how big or small it is.

Advice no. 1: Introduce metabolic enhancement in food and drink. Try any of the following before your workout and never in the last 60 minutes before your workout: coffee, berries, almonds, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, beans.

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All of this will help your body burn more calories and give you the extra energy you need for an effective workout.

Advice no. 2: Get enough protein! Make sure you feed your muscles enough protein 30-60 minutes after your workout. Get it from eggs, fish, meat or Greek yogurt and combine it with a good source of fat: avocado, olive or coconut oil. In this way, you can restore the muscles and make sure that the body burns the accumulated excess fat.

Advice no. 3: Drink enough water. How much is enough depends on the person, but at least 1.5 liters per day is necessary. I drink about 3 liters a day but I also have high blood sugar so I’m thirsty a lot.

5 Minute Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

Advice no. 4: Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. I love my wine, and when I often make friends with it, I start to feel like this: the shape of my body becomes a glass of wine đŸ™‚

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What you want to enjoy, just cut it short. Alcohol always goes straight to your belly fat and you won’t get there no matter how hard you work out if you don’t cut back on your drinking.

Advice no. 5: Eat only fresh food. Anything packaged, made in a factory, and delivered in a bag (unless they’re peanuts) needs to be thrown away. Food supplements keep pre-cooked food fresh and your belly fat. So, don’t get any!

Finally: Are you ready to burn belly fat? Download the Lose Belly Fat 30 Day Workout Plan.

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There’s no denying that exercise is critical to losing weight and getting in shape, and while all types of exercise help keep you active and healthy, there are certain exercises that are most beneficial for targeting in the abdominal region and fat removal. .

Michael Mosley, M.D., inventor of The Fast 800 Diet, knows the importance of regular activity, and especially cardio, when you’re going to pick up the pace and really work up a sweat.

If you want to burn belly fat and work your core and abdominal muscles, which are the hardest areas to lose weight, the key is to stay consistent with regular exercise and an active lifestyle.

5 Minute Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

While we can’t say that exercise will get rid of belly fat unless there are other measures (think: diet, regular sleep, and lower stress levels), it can help speed up the process. of weight loss and preventing future weight gain. . . And it reduces the risk of disease later in life because you limit the amount of visceral fat, which according to research is belly fat.

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“While exercise alone won’t help you lose stubborn fat from the middle, it can be invaluable in helping to reduce the risk of fat regain, as well as lowering blood sugar and improving insulin sensitivity. ,” he told Express. . Read on for the best fat burning exercises and some great exercises to try. And for more great exercise tips, don’t miss the secret side effects of lifting weights for the first time, says Science.

The best types of exercise to burn fat

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