4 ways we’re misusing our Coach Designer bags

How not to use our Coach Designer bags

We love our handbags, but sometimes we can’t help but feel like something is wrong with them. We’re just not comfortable or feel like they get too dirty too fast. Something doesn’t click with that new Coach Designer bags. Like it’s not meant for us.

But it’s not always the bag fault! Sometimes we have some habits or wrong ways to use our bags that lead to uncomfortable sensations, pain, or a shorter useful life for our bags. And we’re here to tell you a bit about some of them.

Coach Designer bags

We’re putting too much weight on it.

We always want to carry our stuff around. But sometimes we forget Coach Designer bags are just for the essentials. We put as much as we can get into our bags and bring that extra weight with us all day.

Shoulder bags and crossbody bags are especially uncomfortable when using skinny straps and carrying a lot of weight since all that falls into one side of our bodies. If we have them for a lot of time, we feel the need to switch sides every so often and can get uncomfortable and tired relatively quickly.

Not only that, but the bag itself can suffer from wear and tear, modifying its original shape, damaging the materials, and ultimately contributing to a shorter life.

We’re using backpacks too low.

Backpacks are a thing of beauty. We can put more stuff on it and wear it comfortably on our back without worrying about deformations or tearing. They’re heavy-duty and we love them for that.

But we also forget how to use them properly fairly quickly. For starters, using it too low can distribute the weight on our weaker lower back and also have more stress on our shoulders. Also, want to look cool and use just one strap? Don’t, we just talked about how that is not a very good idea.

We put our bag anywhere.

These days, that’s something you should be aware of. Having our Coach Designer bags collect dust, bacteria, or a virus from a contaminated surface or worse, the floor can be not only bad for the useful life of your bags even beach bags but also dangerous to you and to those around you.

Sure, we can clean and sanitize it every so often. But it’s better to be careful of what and who has been in contact with our bag. There’s no such thing as too cautious these days.

We use the same bag for everything.

Shopping, school, work, the gym… Using the same Coach Designer bags means we put more and more stuff on it and our “essentials” become a big group of objects that may not be useful at all on a given Sunday, for example.

Having multiple bags doesn’t mean moving all our stuff from one to the other every time either. You can have different items ready on different bags being a little bit more organized, moving only things such as your car keys or wallet, and having a healthier weight distributed among all of them.

This is also a great way to give us an excuse to buy more bags with the Coach Signature, right?

Overall we all make mistakes when using our bags because they definitely deteriorate over time. This is normal; we don’t mean to have a perfect bag forever. But we can take better care of it, and our health by changing our habits and lifestyle giving us more reasons to love our favorite bags and ending that sensation of not being really comfortable when using them on a daily basis.

What other bad habits do you think we have when using any kind of bags clutches, shoulder bags tote, or messenger bags? And how many leather bags do you use on a daily basis?

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