4 Ways To Make Money With Audible

4 Ways To Make Money With Audible – After almost five years of not being able to read, I wanted an easy way to read books.

In retrospect, it’s funny how much frustration and depression took me years before I stopped trying to read audiobooks. For Dana Rodriguez

4 Ways To Make Money With Audible

4 Ways To Make Money With Audible

Shortly after having my second child at the age of 40, I lost the ability to read. I don’t mean – I can still look at a sentence and know what it means. I can read the menu. Unfortunately, I can still suffer

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But in one year I could not find my way to the end of a novel or a long article. Anything harder than a children’s book to turn my brain into neutral. No matter the genre, no matter the day, the sentences I read and re-read are still fragments that I can’t put together intelligently.

I started taking books with me, going from room to room, desperately searching for options, finding an opening in one of them. “Brain fog”—like a light mist that temporarily covers my face—is the perfect phrase for the vulnerability that accompanies your real-time cognitive breakdown. The clouds lifted again and again so that I could see clearly. But basically, for the first time in a decade, I am not a student.

This development will not be convenient for anyone. For professional writers and editors, it’s scary. The written word is my source of currency, passion, and confidence. I need words to live. I need to create a life.

At first I thought the change was temporary, save from the hormonal stupor of pregnancy. Or maybe it’s insomnia – the stress of raising two young children can take its toll on any parent. These two are pieces of the puzzle, but it will be years before I solve them.

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Instead, I lost my head. If I experience a knife in the stomach or lose sight, I will put myself in the doctor’s office and refuse to quit without a diagnosis and treatment plan. But my physical illness is not clear. Maybe I’m losing my mind. Maybe I’m lazy. Maybe, as one boss suggested during a particularly stressful job review, I couldn’t work and raise my kids at the same time. Looking at other parents calling for work, I worry that he is right.

One year turned into two, then moved to more. Dread rises in my throat every time I get a new editing or writing assignment, knowing there’s a good chance I won’t be able to deliver. I can’t tell anyone because I don’t know what will happen or when that it will end. I ache to say the words out loud, increasing the likelihood that I won’t. Worked in my field again. With everyone’s actions, with everyone’s promises, you must believe that this time will be different.

It never happened. I used to meet deadlines, editors, and I quit my job. justice Shame and depression overwhelmed me, and I quit all my jobs.

4 Ways To Make Money With Audible

I usually turn to books for comfort and distraction in times of crisis. I was born in a family of students with two teachers for parents. We wrap the books on Christmas morning, but any event is an excuse for a book. New. They performed on Easter and Valentine’s Day, birthdays and the first day of school. My sister and I spent long summer afternoons reading books from the public library in our backyard, under the tent our mother had put up.

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Before school started again, the four of us would get into the Plymouth Lightning, drive from Michigan to the New England coast, stopping at Dartmouth Bookstore in Hanover, New Hampshire to load up on books. After we each had our things from the 140-year-old institution, we headed to the rocky beach, where we all read a book or two before we left. I was waiting for these trips like other children dream of Disney World. I can not imagine a more perfect life, eat the writer’s favorite Mine, work with cheese slices and Faygo grape popsicles.

Instead, living without this book is my nightmare. One day I realized that all the shelves in the house are full of titles that I have not read. Marilyn has experience reading Robinson

When they came out, I bought the last book in the series and now I’m worried I may never read it. I felt it in my bones when the author William Styron wrote about his own depression, which scared him, “I have never escaped from me at such an alarming rate.”

In retrospect, it’s funny how much frustration and depression took me years before I stopped trying to read audiobooks. I have always rejected the stereotype, classifying audiobook listeners as somehow a subclass of book consumers. . I think audiobooks are for lazy readers. They are a useful service for the visually impaired, and they can help entertain children on road trips. Audio books are not for me.

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But since education seems to be no option, it’s time to get over yourself. I bought an Audible Premium subscription that allowed me to stream one book a month—and I also entered the world of what I thought of as “books on tape.”

I love how the music of language is often stronger when it is broken down. Cover my ears

– That allowed me to pretend to be my friend, about his life. A few months later I moved

4 Ways To Make Money With Audible

, the original history of Larissa McFarhar of obsessive altruism and a sense of achievement that feels like years’ worth of breakthroughs.

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– Lifelong Avoidance of James Joyce – I began to wonder why I spent so much time in print.

Audiobooks are not a viable alternative to woodblock printing. In many ways they have expanded my enjoyment of books. Instead of lying in a recliner listening, I can put on my headphones and take a long walk from our house to Lake Michigan and spend hours by the water with Colson Whitehead.

Playing in my ears was the emotional power of hearing Trevor Noah’s notes in his own voice as he weaved through sentences in Xhosa, Zulu, Tswana and other tribal languages ​​that I would lose on the page.

The native speaker audio reader allowed me to fully inhabit the writer’s world, creating familiar Sri Lankan, Ugandan, and Ethiopian names that I would pop into my head while reading. .

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, with its experimental style and long, uninterrupted paragraphs, the book is very accessible and endlessly enjoyable. I love how the music of language is often stronger when it is broken down. Cover my ears.

I pray that my ability to read will recover, but what will happen? Up, I know I don’t need to leave the book anymore.

After about five years of reading my life gone, I finally realized that I had not lost my mind. I entered menopause in my mid-40s without realizing it, not realizing that brain fog and fatigue could be normal symptoms. When the doctor listened to me and did a blood panel, I had almost no estrogen left in my system. I immediately started hormone therapy.

4 Ways To Make Money With Audible

The speed with which it brightened my mind was amazing. I need more time to let go of the anger and frustration of knowing that I’ve lost productivity over the years and unknowingly hurt myself.

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, optimistically sitting on the biggest novel bought – read until dawn. When I closed the door the next morning, I breathed a sigh of relief. And get another.

Now I’m reading book after book, sometimes trying to follow Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory. I have forgotten the joy and ease of reading that comes with the slowness of the book. Most weeks I link to one book in print and one in audio so I always have an excuse to walk through the long pandemonium from home. Family members know how to give me audio credits for my birthday. In 2021 I read 67 books, after many years of trying to finish one or two.

Modern medicine has restored my concentration and

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