20 Free App That Pays You To Walk 2022

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My girlfriend and I like to go for walks in my neighborhood. It gives us time to get some fresh air, talk about each other’s days and it makes us feel good.

20 Free App That Pays You To Walk 2022

20 Free App That Pays You To Walk 2022

Things changed when I found out that there are apps that pay to run. I never thought it was possible to earn money by walking because for me it is an essential part of life. Paying for it would be like paying for sleep.

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Anyway, I immediately told my girlfriend about these apps and we both signed up and have been using them ever since. Now we try to travel every day and earn some free money in the meantime.

So, if you need some motivation to walk or just want to make walking more fun, I would definitely recommend trying out some of these apps that earn you money for walking. You won’t make a fortune, but you will make some money, be healthy and feel great!

For more inspiration, check out this post that talks about the benefits of daily walking.

This list started a long time ago with just five apps, and now a ton of different apps are popping up promising cash for steps. Many are not good, some are great.

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I’ve tried to find the best, but there’s a chance I’ve missed some, so feel free to let me know. Also, these apps are constantly being updated, so things may be different at the time of reading this. I will try to keep this article as updated as possible.

SweatCoin was one of the first free toddler apps on the market and is probably still the most popular.

The app used to only count and pay for outdoor steps, but now it counts all types of steps, whether it’s on the treadmill, up the mountain or around the house.

20 Free App That Pays You To Walk 2022

1,000 steps = 0.95 Sweatcoins can be used for various products or experiences or traded with your friends in the app.

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The rewards on SweatCoin change daily, so I recommend holding on to your SweatCoins until you see something you really like.

Optimity is a revived Carrot Rewards app, a paid walking app in Canada that started in British Columbia in 2015 and spread to other provinces but shut down in 2019 due to lack of funding.

Right now Optimity is still fairly new so the rewards department is a bit lacking. They currently offer sweepstakes, more rewards points and Petro-Points. I hope they add some more variety soon.

Fortunately, earning opportunities at Optimity have been similar to carrot opportunities. You can pay for:

Apps That Pay You To Walk And Get Healthy

For each of these missions you will get gems which can be exchanged for the rewards I mentioned above. Currently 1,000 Petro-Points ($1 off) is worth 9000 Gems, so 90 Gems = 1 cent. This is very rude.

Optimism would be great if they could start offering higher payouts and better rewards. For now, I will save my jewels.

Runtopia focuses on helping you improve your fitness by giving you rewards as a bonus. It lets you set exercise goals for running, walking, and cycling, and you can play an audio coach during your workout.

20 Free App That Pays You To Walk 2022

The app also has built-in training programs to help you warm up, stretch, lose weight and more. Some features require a premium membership, but most are completely free.

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You will earn sports coins when you train with Runtopia, complete daily tasks in the app and join the community. Sports Coins can be used for merchandise, free memberships, coupons and even PayPal cash!

One important thing to note is that sports coins expire on March 1 every year. Until then, be sure to use it!

There’s a lot more to Runtopia that I haven’t mentioned, so go here to learn more and sign up!

With LifeCoin you can only earn for outdoor steps (like Sweatcoin was before) and as a free user you can only earn 5 Lifecoins per day.

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If you want to upgrade and earn 10 LifeCoins per day, you have to pay $4.33 per month. As part of the subscription, you’ll also get access to Azumio Premium, which means you’ll have premium access to all of its other great apps.

As for rewards, LifeCoin lets you choose from a variety of gift cards, or you can redeem your LifeCoins for physical items like Airpods, a quadcopter, or Beats headphones. Prizes are constantly changing and first come, first served, so don’t expect the same items to be available all the time.

After signing up, you can start connecting the health apps you use for success (29 apps to choose from). Once you’ve linked an app, you can start earning points for the things you’ve done!

20 Free App That Pays You To Walk 2022

There are tons of fun ways to earn money with Achievements besides walking, so download the app and explore!

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StepBet is very different from the other apps on this list because it involves little risk. Instead of paying to walk, you must bet yourself to reach your step goals and then compete with other players.

When you register with StepBet and connect your fitness tracker, StepBet will calculate your step goals. These goals will force you to walk more than you normally would. Once you have your goals you can join the game and place a bet (most bets are $40).

To win, you need to reach your step goal 6 times a week for each week of the game. Do this and you’ll share the prize pot with other winners! Don’t miss a single day though and say goodbye to your bet.

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Okay, so Charity Miles isn’t covered by apps that pay you to walk, instead you earn money for your favorite charities. This is a really cool idea, so I had to include it in this list.

Charity Miles members have already raised over $2.5 million for various charities just by walking, running, cycling and more!

Sign up to get started, choose one of the 42 charities you want to monetize, and start walking! Charity Miles will measure your distance and donate money based on how far you’ve traveled. It’s simple.

20 Free App That Pays You To Walk 2022

Where does the money come from? Charity Miles currently has 8 sponsors who are completely repurposing their advertising budget! This means that instead of using the money for advertising, they invest it in the charities you go to.

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Limpo is interesting because instead of just paying you for steps, they pay you for completing walking or running challenges. New challenges are constantly being added to the app, and once you complete one, you earn LYM tokens that you can use for rewards.

The beauty of Limo is that you can complete the challenges anywhere: indoors, outdoors, on the treadmill. It also lets you connect various health trackers to the app for easier monitoring.

When it comes to redeeming LYM tokens, it looks like you can currently only use them for in-app products. Since LYM tokens have real cash value it would be great to be able to actually withdraw tokens to the wallet in the future, but I’m not sure when that will be possible.

Note: Limpo was recently acquired by another company. It looks like the app has gone downhill a bit since then. It still works, but the rewards store only has coupon codes and the app is buggy (I can’t even see my wallet).

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Formerly known as PK Coins, PK Rewards will pay you not just for walking but also for exercising and exercising in general. Basically, if you are progressing you can earn with PK rewards.

How it works is that before each workout (eg run, walk, hike, bike ride etc.) you need to open the PK Rewards app on your phone or Apple Watch (this also supports Bluetooth trackers) and then Press “Start Earning”. ” button. ” It’s a bit of a hassle, but it guarantees accuracy.

After you’re done with your workout, finish it in the app by pressing the button again and they’ll count your time and effort as “effort points” to reward you with coins. The harder you work, the better your reward will be.

20 Free App That Pays You To Walk 2022

Once you accumulate enough you can redeem your coins for rewards from various brands like Nike, Amazon and more.

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If you shop at Walgreens frequently, you may be part of the Walgreens Balance Rewards program. What you may or may not know is that walking is one way to earn more Balance Rewards points!

MyWalgreens (formerly Walgreens Balance Rewards), a

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